When Eating Only Meat Becomes A Way of Life! Family Lives On Only meat For The Past 17 Years.

zero-carb-family-550x491So you heard that too much consumption of meat is not good for the health. Nutritionists has evenly condemned it as factors to heart problems and other not so healthy lifestyle. What is more? There has been so much stress on the need for a balanced diet. But a family has defied this, proving that such theory does not apply to everyone.

The Anderson family has been feeding on meat for almost two decades now, instead they have been following a zero carb, all-meat diet that they claim has kept them healthy, happy, and strong for all these years.

This is there story. It started when Joe Anderson experimented with high protein diets in mid 1990’s. When his wife Charlene was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1998, the only food she could consume without having severe reactions was red meat, fatty red meat!


Joe and Charlene spent the next few years reading books and articles on meat-based diets that encouraged the consumption of fatty, red meat. They were trying to understand how such an extreme diet could work so well for them. They were eventually convinced and completely switched over to eating only meat.

When they first turned to a zero carb lifestyle, Joe said that they included non-meat foods such as eggs, cheese and whey. They also ate various types of meat like fish, bacon, chicken and lamb. But they  noticed that they never felt as good with other meats as they did with beef.  Joe quickly noticed that eggs and dairy gave him puffy eyes, frequent headaches and a stuffy nose, as well as some other reactions with the rest of the family.

To cut the long story short, today, Joe, 57, his wife Charlene, 42, along with their kids Charlie, 10 and George, 8, have only one large portion of meal every day, consisting of beef preferably the rib-eye cut. They ask their butcher for untrimmed rib-eye, which has so much fat that they don’t need to add additional fat to cook it.

In addition, Joe Anderson revealed that they do not drink any beverages other than water, and do not salt their food because salt makes them “puffy faced.” They don’t even use spices to season their meat, or take any supplements to enhance their diet. There’s always just one thing in their grocery list, and that’s beef! For people reluctant about Zero Carb diets, Joe’s advice is to just give it a try.



The Anderson’s do not look malnourished in any way, infact they look as healthy as healthy can be. So would you give it a try?


5 thoughts on “When Eating Only Meat Becomes A Way of Life! Family Lives On Only meat For The Past 17 Years.

    • There is no need in vitamin C when you only eat meat. Another compounds similar to vitamin C take place.

      “There appears to be an alternative biochemical pathway for preventing scurvy that occurs when one is eating a fat-burning ketogenic diet, as opposed to a sugar-burning glucogenic diet. While the mechanism of action is not entirely clear, it is considered to be an established fact. Dr. Stephen Phinney has speculated that the blood ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate may itself be the anti-scorbutic factor.”

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